Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just a little somethin'...

The other night I came home to find our place smelling dee-licious and the boy puttering around the stove.

"I had an idea today, and wanted to try it out. It's just a little somethin'..."

These are words I always adore hearing. Especially when you just know something yummy is in the works and your guy is wearing an apron. I am one lucky gal!

This is pretty much the way we like to eat at home. Simple, kinda messy, and really easy to eat. Here we've got rapini with chili and garlic, with some red and yellow carrots and jerusalem artichokes.

Yay for vegetables!

It turned out that the "little somethin" was an experiment involving tri-tip steak and marrow. D marinated the hefty steak, easily big enough for three, in red wine, garlic and herbs before stuffing it with a very substantial lobe of fatty, fatty marrow. And then made a garlic-marrow sauce. (Oh boy, and to think I had planned on scarfing back some cereal for dinner. So shameful.)

Sometimes a great home cooked meal really does make your day. It was a tasty way to kick off the week, to say the least! I'm thinking about dropping hints for blueberry pancakes in the mornings next...

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