Friday, December 5, 2008

kitchen tour: intermezzo

It's been ages since I visited the gut-busting, eye-popping evening otherwise known as the seven course tasting menu - if you'd like to catch up on where we left off, please click here. And now, here we go...

Betwixt and between, the intermezzo is a literally a showstopper held in between courses. This kitchen - as tradition goes - likes to serve a sorbet as a little palate cleanser.

Why the pit stop in your epic multi-course tasting menu? To give you (and your poor, overstimulated belly) a breather, for one, and well, sometimes it's kind of fun to show off.

Dishes made of bamboo boats and leaves.

Diced cape gooseberries in a touch of sweet-tart raspberry vinegar.

Ice, she is dry.

The pastry chef, K, with her lovely, almost effortless quenelles of strawberry sorbet.

Topped off with candied citrus zest.


Edible flower "confetti" as garnish.

Smoke and mirrors...

Imagine just how fun this would be...

...coming to your table?!

And even more exciting, this means we're only halfway through the meal! Now that you're refreshed, it's time to loosen that belt one more notch.

Up next, course number!

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