Saturday, July 11, 2009

favourite things

One of my all-time faves, the sexy little chanterelle mushroom...uummm.



When I'm lucky enough to get a few of these babies at home, I don't usually do too much to them. A light shred and we're ready to go...


A quick fry in a (generous!) dab of butter, some sliced garlic, salt and pepper, and hey - found a bunch of thyme in the fridge, so threw a twiglet in - wow, I just wish you could smell the deliciousness in the air!


I'm making these for a late breakfast today, so I'm thinking these lovely buttery goodies will be just perfect with some soft scrambled eggs. With a great snowfall of parmesan shavings on top....


Honestly, I wish I could start more of my days off like this!

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