Thursday, October 14, 2010

remembering what's good

Sometimes, it's not about the new or the flashy. Recently, it took us a (lucky) series of events to remind us just how good the simple is.

We've long frequented the popular Mother's Dumpling, following it after its move from its first smaller home. Even though I want to love the new location, so badly I do, but sadly the growing pains are clear...bigger isn't always better. (Hopefully things will be smoothed out soon. Even so, I will always have a soft spot for their Juicy Pork Buns. Damn, they are tasty.)

It was late, we were unusually indecisive, and we were getting hungry. Mother's was closing so we kept walking down Spadina. We were almost at Dundas before stopping to turn around:

"Hey, the Dumpling House is open. We haven't been there in ages."

"Um, yeah, that's cause it's old and yucky."

reading the menu

Ok, so I might have said that. I was pretty cranky at this point, and it's sort of true. Even though I'd often check out the cool looking prep area by the front window, I had obviously written off the functional, spare, slightly run-down nature of the space, preferring it to its flashier neighbour up the street. Oh, shame on me!

Because you know what? The dumplings at this house are seriously amazing.

a little hot and sour soup to start

The dough is slippery-but-with-a-little-chew, and the fillings taste simply of what they should be. The boiled pork and salted cabbage dumplings are completely addictive.

boiled pork and salted cabbage dumplings

Fried pork and chive dumplings. Love that crispy lace.

I could also eat these every day. Love that the skin is a touch thinner on them, so that they're a bit more delicate and nicer to eat with that crispy fried bottom layer.

Another awesome thing...the fried dumplings are left open on the ends to let the steam out.

Simple. Great. Tasty goodness. We'll definitely be back again soon.


  1. i do miss a good shanghai dumpling...ding tai fung in richmond hill is pretty great too...AND they have the giant window where you can watch them make all the dumplings...oh and the siu lung bao....*drool*

  2. Oh siu lung bao! Doesn't get much better than that...with black vinegar and shredded ginger, mmmm.

  3. Need to get you guys up to our neck of the literal woods,...the list of "must take f and d here to eat" is getting scary....haha...