Saturday, November 27, 2010

lobster fest

A happy memory, this.

There are a few weeks every year when fresh B.C. spot prawns are at their best. Seeing them dance around the tank, we also felt the urge to pick up a few lobsters, a Dungeness crab and some cold, cold beer. A few phone calls to some hungry friends and a giant pot of boiling water later, and the feast was on.

everyone in the pool

Everyone in the pool! We kept it all super simple, since everything was so fresh and (until very recently) lively.

The pile starts...

sauce and things

We threw together some quick sauces too - soy chili, lemon butter, a green onion-coriander-ginger concoction, lemon slices and of course, tabasco.

one done, one to go


D gets to work cracking those shells...

b.c. spot prawns

And we're ready to dig in. (Bibs optional!)

digging in

finger food

There's nothing quite like a good eat on! That, and a group nap afterwards.

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