Thursday, April 10, 2008

kitchen tour: oyster plate

There are just some things in this world that are so ludicrously decadent, so obviously, campily chic, that to offer them - in this case, in the perfect trifecta of oysters, bubbly and caviar - all at once, is almost laughably redundant.

With this tasting menu, there is an option to up the ante with an extra course of pure food bling and loooove.

Of course, we'll be having the oyster plate! With the caviar business! And the champers! (After all, we like sunshine and rainbows and kittens, don't we?)

Yes...Bring. It. On!

Cast irons/sizzle plates awaiting blini-ing. D, the sous, asks, "You keeping an eye on that?"

Hot plate seasoned and ready to go.

Ooh, a whole lotta blini love!

Quick question: why is it that so many things taste better in miniature? Don't dig a whole house of pancakes, but a stack of blini, that I could crush. (Of course, it does help that they come with chives and caviar. Mmmm, imagine, IHOB...)

St. Simons awaiting their accessories. Back: dressed with aged sherry mignonette.

What could make this even better? Why, that would be itty bitty quail eggs! Yesss!

Freckled and speckled, like graffitied faberges.

Need a sharp little paring knife to crack them open.

Into the poaching vessels they go (those would be tart shells "borrowed" from pastry station).

It's almost bathtime...

McGyvering the poach - mason jar rings holding tart shell, suspended by perforated hotel pan over water bath!

And out the eggies come...

The two tiered platter. Top: Taro dauphines, chive creme fraiche (caviar to follow), blini with radish (quail egg and caviar, likewise). Bottom, L to R: St. Simons with bacon vinaigrette, aged sherry mignonette, preserved lemon puree and green oil.

I think I could eat a whole platter of these by myself....

A few finishing touches...

And away for pick up...

Sigh. Isn't it all so lovely? Here's wishing you these champagne dreams and caviar wishes...

Next course, the mains!


  1. IHOB! Can I buy a franchise?

  2. Vicki, I'll fight to be your first customer!

  3. Oh my goodness--I loved touring the kitchen and seeing the whole process! (Just came across it through Tastespotting!)

  4. Thats some nice two tiered presentation there!

  5. Vicki: Hell yeah! What do you think - take out, drive through, delivery? :)

    Ben: The more the merrier...maybe we should do a punchcard/smartcard thing, like get 6 blini, get one free? :)

    cakespy: Thanks so much! I saw the "s'mores" cupcake on your site and was so impressed and inspired that I ended up making a batch for a friend's bridal shower!

    kevin: Cool, huh? I think it might be the only time when I'd say yes to vertical food! :)

  6. I think drive-through. Takeout and delivery could lead to cold blini and unhappy customers :-)