Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adventures in Graceland, Part One...

So I'm happy to report that first, yes, I am still up and blogging (it has been awhile, I know) and that second, that we crazy kids at the restaurant have totally hit the ground running these last two weeks!

I've personally had the time of my life going to the food terminal (for my first time ever...let me tell you, that is a place with serious personality, and at 7am too, to spare!), running around the local market looking for jerusalem artichokes and fresh ricotta, writing up my very own dessert menu, prepping for our first friends and family, then a media dinner, with time to go to our dear friends' wedding somewhere in all the madness! Definitely no sleep for the wicked, that's for sure.

So yes, this post is a bug gush-fest for all those exciting things that unfortunately, due to overstimulation and sheer exhaustion, I'm afraid I don't have the most succinct or accurate descriptions of...hopefully with time (and more than three hours of sleep, eep!) the details will return, but until then, some pictures!

The divinely plump and homey banquettes...

I honestly just love how warm and inviting the space feels.

Hello, fresh trout. Prepare to be smoked! Um, no really.
(See House smoked trout, with potato and green bean salad with buttermilk dressing...mmm, buttermilk.)


Ramps ahoy! The bottoms get a quickle (that's a quick pickle, yes) to be served with the house pate, as well as the leg of lamb with fava beans. The green parts get used as a leafy bed when D smokes the clever!)


As for me, I spend a fair share of my day contemplating apples. Consider the firmness of the Ida Red, as contrasted with the tart bite, yet softer (cooked) texture of the Macintosh...ah, the ideal baking pair, say pie?

I am such a girl. Yes, I punched out hearts to put on the mini pies. Yes I did.

Baked pie-lets, awaiting cinnamon ice cream and whisky caramel...


Some other dishes we're doing right now. Scallop with cucumber pernod sauce, fried capers and charred cherry tomatoes to start...


Followed by one of my faves, the port steak with bone marrow, potato salad, green beans and good old fashioned gravy. (You might recognize the steak idea in its infancy with D trying it out for our dinner one night...) I just totally dig the whole board. It's such a simple sunday-style dinner, you really can't go wrong!

It's also comforting to know that people are enjoying what we're putting out there (check out the first reviews here, here and here) - it's all a bit nerve wracking to send out your best but still first attempts, your babies, as it were, out into the dining room and wait with baited breath to find out how it will be received.

To that end, if anyone out there reading this has some honest (meaning useful!) feedback about their experience with us, I'd love to hear it. We want to do a fabulous job!

Until next time...happy eating!

Grace Restaurant
503 College Street

Toronto ON M6G 1A5


  1. Grace = best restaurant ever. Just thinking about it makes me salivate...

  2. I cannot tell you how absolutely in love with Grace I am.
    I've been 3 times now, and have had something different (and equally divine) each time.
    We've sampled every dessert on the menu (Flo, you are a pastry/dessert GENIUS...seriously, you could bring about world piece with your baking), and have had the most amazing experience each and every time.
    Love, love, LOVE it.

  3. My friends D.G, C and I really enjoyed our dinner at Grace! We were so comfortable, the food was amazing and all at an affordable price.

    C and I really enjoyed the corn soup and liked how it was poured at the table. The server at our table was also very friendly and helpful.

    D.G. thought the cucumber slices in the water was a nice change from the typical lemon slices.

    C and I both had the homemade gnocchi and dubbed them "little pillows of love" :D

    D.G. enjoyed her cheesecake but found herself wanting less fruit on top.

    I had the carrot cake and was happily surprised to find little pats of butter on the plate! I love putting butter on my carrot cake!

    Overall the experience was lovely.

    The only stumbling block we encountered was the seems silly but D.G. and I went downstairs and found ourselves staring at the doors. Maybe putting little "Washroom" signs on the two bathroom doors would help?

    I can't wait to come back!!!

  4. all and all guys, the spot is fantastic. that calibre of dining at that pricepoint is really rare in the city - and the room itself is beautiful, while completely unpretentious. grace is going to be successful for a good, long time.

  5. Thank you, thank you everyone for your gracious (ha) comments and feedback!