Thursday, July 3, 2008

consider the tomato

Nothing says the feel-good days of summer are here quite like finding juicy heirloom tomatoes at the market. Of course, we do see them year round, perfectly pert c-cup specimens, gassed and flown in firm from greenhouses across the country, but as the boys like to say with a squeeze and a wink, there's nothing like the real thing, baby. (Ah, cooks; gentlemen and scholars, pirates and dirtbags, all rolled into one!)

So as I admire the bevy of uniquely shaped beauties before me, I count myself very fortunate as I consider the lovely goodness that is the tomato.



Isn't there something just so fascinating about these offbeat beauties? Just like the Sofia Coppolas or Sarah Jessica Parkers of the salad world...




Not that you'd need one, what with the simple tasty ease and beauty of the tomato, but here's an idea/very loose recipe of sorts to make the easiest little salad...


simple tomato and ricotta salad

1-2 of the most beautiful, ripe heirloom or beefsteak tomatoes you can find (at room temperature!)
a few good pinches crunchy sea salt, such as Maldon
coarsely cracked black pepper
2-3 large spoonfuls of fresh ricotta
good quality extra virgin olive oil

Slice your lovely tomatoes and arrange on your plate or shallow bowl of choice. Season very lightly with sea salt and pepper.

Drop light spoonfuls of the milky white ricotta over your juicy tomato slices. Finish with another light sprinkle of sea salt and a turn of pepper. Follow with a few glass-green glugs of olive oil. Serves a peckish pair, or one greedy tomato lover.



I could honestly eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it's so satisfying...enjoy!


  1. Oh my, what beautiful pictures!

    I completely agree with you about eating this for every meal...I like to use fresh mozzarella and a splash of really good balsamic, or sometimes just a sprinkle of salt.

  2. Mmm, fresh mozzarella...nothing better!