Saturday, July 26, 2008

hot dog, i love this shirt!

Happiness is a sunny yellow tee...especially if it's done up in stylin' ketchup and mustard writing!

I found this perfect-for-me shirt (I never met a hot dog that I didn't like...) on one of my fave sites, threadless. I'm a big fan of the works from there because the tees, and now posters/prints, are all designed, submitted and voted on for printing by the users themselves. It's awesome to see some real rough n' ready, naively sweet offerings presented next to more polished, often playful works by established artists/illustrators/graphic designers. Love it!

This beauty is designed by Alex Trochut, a freelance graphic designer from Barcelona. And I have to say, I don't know if he meant for this design to be so very tongue-in-cheek, so I'll have to take a second out and tell you just why it rocks so much. (Because I like to overthink things sometimes. And I like food. And overthinking things about food...)

So here's the thing; the funny words (lorem ipsum delor sit amet...for all you latin majors) being spelled out by the squeezie bottles is part of a standard "dummy" text used by designers when presenting layouts, so that viewer, instead of being distracted by recognizable words, can concentrate on the overall visual flow and design of the work.

And for the food lover in me and you, this inside graphic nod totally translates into our funny world of playing with our food. Consider the Condiment, as is were. With ketchup and mustard being the total #1 and #2 on the essential list, it's great to think about just why they work. The mark of great condiments? They complement and enhance the main work, without drawing any excess attention to themselves.

A bit of a stretch? Maybe. All I know is that I'm totally craving a hot dog now...


  1. I so love that shirt! Gotta get me one.

  2. t's a pretty fun one...I also have a cute shirt from the same site showing a cartoon hot dog (with an eye-patch) holding a smoking gun. Silly goodness!