Friday, March 27, 2009

comfort food #4

For those early spring nights that still have a bit of a chill, nothing beats a good dinner of soon dubu chigae, Korean soft tofu stew. Armed with a steamy bowl of this kimchi and chili paste-laced goodness, I (almost) wish that warmer weather would stay away just a teeny bit longer...

cold seaweed salad with sesame and chili

We picked up the banchan, little side dishes, at PAT Central supermarket on Bloor West. I love bringing home these handy premade snacks and picking at them straight from the containers. The green seaweed salad is my favourite, as I'm a sucker for (almost) anything tossed with toasted sesame oil and a bit o' chili. A few more that we picked up this time:

mmm peanuts, seasoned with a bit of sugar and itty bitty dried fish

nori salad

Sometimes I like to mix bits of this one (toasty, slightly sweet and pleasingly chewy) in with my rice. It makes my bowl look a bit dirty, but eh, I'm down with the rustic vibe.

The Stew

Of course, my favourite part about eating this (other than the slurp, slurp, slurp-ing) is the moment of the Yolk Poke. I think you're pretty much guaranteed a satisfying meal when it involves the Poke. Oh eggs, how I love you so!


I'm pretty sure we had some steamed rice with this somewhere...I do know that this picture lasted about two seconds before we dug in and destroyed it all....

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