Wednesday, January 21, 2009

breakfast #3

Being the egg lover I am, I was tickled pink to receive this cute-as-a-button set over the holidays, courtesy of the sweet boy.

(He likes to joke that I'm happiest when I'm eating. I might, if I were the sensitive type, get offended if it wasn't so entirely true...)


Seriously, though. Doesn't this just make you smile?


The egg cup must be one of the best little inventions in the world, if only as an accessory that an devoted egghead (eggophile? eggoist? hee hee, it's just too silly) can appreciate. What other food demands its own tiny pedestal on which it can be worshipped, really?


tap, tap, tap...



A great gift for the great ritual of eating a breakfast of a soft boiled egg. Thanks, D!


  1. This is so sweet; I adore egg cups. I have no idea why they charm me so, maybe it is the individuality, or their size ... whatever it is, these are lovely.

  2. This is so cute it makes me want to have a few myself egg or no egg. If I only had cupboard space. Such a problem... Great photos!

  3. I'm with you on this one. This is my breakfast every day.