Sunday, January 18, 2009

the gift of jerk

Mmm, killer jerk sauce. Honestly, one of the coolest ideas for a holiday, nay, anytime present from our fabulous friend J. Definitely a tasty gift that keeps on giving!


J's note of holiday cheer, brought to you by a recipe for jerk chicken wings, sauce included.


Yes, these are instructions I can definitely follow.


J scoured the city looking for this specific bottle. Walkers Wood...amazing, spicy, and so, so flavourful; it's the real deal so pick it up if you can.


I would be inspired to try making my own, if this wasn't so darned good already.

And so, on this cold, cold afternoon we were definitely craving some warmth in our lives. We bought some chicken drumsticks, slathered them up in a goodly amount of delicious marinade and roasted the lot in a hot oven....oh, I wish you could have smelled the goodness!


Just a little side of brown rice and peas. See, greens!


...finger lickin' good.

Thanks for the wicked gift, J, you rock!


  1. Oh, this makes me hungry (I never said that before to another blogger!). You gotta give us the recipe!

  2. I've done this under the broiler several times and it never stops being great. I love Walkerswood Jerk marinade. It's definitely worth a special order.

  3. hahaarrr... green peas. in summertime, i say we get together and do it this way:

    perhaps on the public barbeques on the island? that sounds appropriate. i don't know if you know my roommate kae (cooks at la hacienda), floski, but he's the jerk chicken KING. we should all make it a mission for authenticity, with red stripes and serious buddha for days...