Tuesday, September 28, 2010

comfort food #6

Speaking of cheeseburgers...

shake shack

I'm enough of a nerd to spend my time googling the words "shake" and "shack" (having never been, so sad, oh so sad) to get this little bugger to be just so.

Deee. Lish. Ooousss. And addictive as hell!

Firstly, a small, handheld size is best. No commitment, just instantaneous love. Nice, freshly ground beef (I seasoned mine with just a few shakes of worchestershire and s & p).

You gotta make conservative little pucks of meat, which you then proceed to sear over incredibly high heat. And as you do, it's all about the forceful SQUISH-ing down of your patty with the flipper. It's all about the crust, believe me! And maybe a squirt of fake yellow mustard right on top as its cooking. (It's like Animal Style+ Shackburger = extra goodness).

A soft bun - lightly toasted - is key. All the better to soak up the thousand island, er, secret sauce. (That's mayo, ketchup, sweet pickle relish, and a touch of mustard. Yes, I watch the Triple D religiously as well.) As the patty finishes up cooking, lay on a slice of melty processed cheese and cover to let it finish steam/melt. Please, please, don't feel the need to be fancy and slap on "real" cheese...I promise that once you believe in the power of good ol' American cheese (Kraft Singles around these parts), you will be a convert for life.

A few pickles, iceberg, a slice of tomato (s&p of course), and you're good to go.

We had ours with a cold root beer. Highly recommended!

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