Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mazel tov! my dearest and loveliest friends, M and N. What a beautiful, extraordinary day!

A few things you will want to know about our couple, and about this most special of days:

wedding feet

1) They come from the nicest, kindest, most hilarious families you could imagine. (M has told me of her bubbie's epic fridge stashes of restaurant butter pats and mini jam packages, and how the secret recipe for her famous shortbread cookies has been passed down to her: "Vel, it's very simple. You take two cups of sugar...and thirty six packets of butter...")


2) M herself is one of the most amazing women I've ever met. I have yet to meet anyone who loves anything and everything to do with food and cooking more that her! Well, her new hubby perhaps. I should mention that they spend their weekends tapping maple trees and making syrup, and that N, as a hobby, grew prize winning garlic at his family farm.

3) Also, hanging out with them is pretty awesome.

ruth's cheese
ridiculously delicious cheeses from Ruth Klahsen

4) They know how to eat. And laugh. And have everyone join them!

bresaola from Fabio Bondi of Local Kitchen

bread and charcuterie
more charcuterie and spectacular bread from St. John's

homemade pickles

table settings
table settings...

apricot, plum
...named after favourite foods, of course!

butter mise
The pasta station. Check out that butter mise!

pasta station
The pasta was hand rolled in the wee hours the morning of. Then stuffed with fresh ricotta, parm and some farm fresh egg yolks...

fresh ricotta, cherry tomato
...can you feel the love?

the feast
Let the feasting begin!

Thanks again for having us join in the celebrations. Love you guys!!!

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