Friday, September 24, 2010

strange but true

Some goofy and random encounters from the last bit:

(Or rather, the odd things you get to see when you prep for a food show about birthday parties for kids...)


If roses are red, and violets are blue, then making a spectacular Yellow and Blue Dye No. 5 extravaganza of a beast is like the ultimate bouquet of love to show your special little someone how much you care. That and the many cups of icing sugar - and butter, so much butter - used in the frosting! I wish I had the final cake to show was frosted in a fluffy white meringue (clouds!) and topped with a giant yellow "chocolate" sun. With giant rays. Yeah!

Ok, ok. So kids love hot dogs, right? And creepy crawly things like worms and snakes? What about...


These dudes get three exclamation marks because they're fun x 3. The host of the show had such a giggle fit making them that for the rest of the season our friends here would appear on all the monitors anytime there was a break. Aww, I love their silly little tongues!

Hot Dog Snakes! In the oven!

(In case you were wondering, we ended up serving them on a great big tray covered in astroturf.)

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

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