Saturday, September 25, 2010

guilty pleasures #4

Oh man, I'm not sure if I should even be sharing this, it's so undercover...but then again, I guess that's why they call them guilty pleasures!

Every now and then D and I will embark on a single minded mission to get our eat on, even if that means going on covert trips to the store to grab those little things we've been craving all week. (Obviously for me, that usually ends up being any and all snacks made with fat and salt. I'm pretty predictable that way.)

This little number is from awhile back, but just looking at this - don't judge us yet, you know you've got your own hit list! - makes me realize we're due for another round soon:


Here we have what I'd call our own "secret charcuterie" board, although I guess I should use extra air quotes around the charcuterie bit, seeing as there's only one bit o'meat - and a questionable one at that - to be found. But you get the picture.

Beginning from the top left (and as you find so often, following in a clockwise manner):
  • A nice little wedge of creamy, garlic-y Boursin. Cold and straight from its cute foil pack, yessir.
  • Spoonfuls of oil packed giardiniera. D is very, shall we say, particular about getting to eat all of the cauliflower bits. Salty pickled crunchy goodness. A perfect mouthful with...
  • Slices of Cracker Barrel. Medium orange shade, of course! (They happen to also melt quite nicely over our cracker selection.)
  • Ryvita (mine, from when I'm feeling clean and eating them with things like almond butter and raw honey), Triscuits - the originals, full salt most definitely, and Bretons to round it all out.
  • On to the veggies and dip section. A fancy dancy quenelle of artichoke dip, also known as mayo with extras, to go with our cukes.
  • Oh Brandt. How we love your chubby tubes of liverwurst, especially the Gold Tube with Chopped Herbs. So much secret love going on with this one!
  • Fish She Is Very Small. That's what's written on the tin of Millionaires Sardines, where you'll also see a smartly dressed little fishie, tux and all, sporting a monocle and top hat. My very favourite squished on crackers. Umm...
  • It's very unusual to find extra slices of smoked salmon around our place. Mostly because I will usually eat it all upon first sighting. I must be part bear or something. Also some philly cream cheese to go with.
  • More salt and crunch options in the form of green olives and radishes. Sometimes I'll snack on the radish with salt (surprise) and butter (!) too...
Working up an appetite now. But shhh, don't tell anyone, k? Until next time!

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